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Teaching slide decks

The following are my teaching slide decks. They are now available for free from my website. There are a total of 41 slide decks available on my website.

Computer Games Development


1.1 Computer Games Development
2.1 Gaming platforms
3.1 Video game input devices
3.2 Video game output devices
4.1 Storage devices and mediums used with video games
5.1 Emerging Video Game Technologies
6.1 Game Genres
There are 7 slide decks available in Computer Games Development.

Digital Design

Web Design and Development

1.1 What is digital design
8.1 JavaScript
There are 2 slide decks available in Digital Design.

Higher Computer Science

There are 0 slide decks available in Higher Computer Science.

National 5 Computer Science

Web Design and Development

1.1 An introduction to HTML
2.1 More HTML revision
3.1 CSS
3.2 CSS Selectors
There are 4 slide decks available in National 5 Computer Science.

S3 Computer Science

Computer Hardware

1.1 An introduction to computer hardware
2.1 Input, process and output
3.1 Computer storage

Computer Networks

1.1 Computer networks
2.1 Network types
3.1 Cloud computing

Computer Systems

1.1 Binary systems


1.1 Computer crime
2.1 Malware
3.1 Phishing and fraud
4.1 Encryption


1.1 An Introduction to databases
2.1 Search and Sorting databases
3.1 Database forms
4.1 Calculated fields
5.1 SQL
6.1 Relational databases

Software Development

1.1 An introduction to software development
2.1 Maths and variables
3.1 Data types
4.1 If statements
5.1 Fixed loops
6.1 String functions

Web Development

1.1 An introduction to web design
1.2 Web design principles
2.1 Website structure
3.1 HTML
4.1 CSS
There are 28 slide decks available in S3 Computer Science.