Jamie Balfour

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DragonDocs is a powerful templating engine that I use across my website and externally through balf.io. I have plans to open source the entire engine in the near future.

DragonDocs is a culmination of DragonScript IV's amazing performance, my own interest in making things more digital in education and providing more interactive features on digital worksheets.


DragonDocs contains a plethora of features that are both very usable as a standard document format but also as an educational tool. I use it for both types of document.

The following a list of some of the key features of DragonDocs:

  • CSS-based and consistent styling
  • Inline PHP support
  • Multipage support
  • Accessibility features, including screen filters, speech synthesis and dark mode.
  • In-document feedback
  • Built-in form questions/text input
  • Automatic saving for quick restoring of field data
  • Exporting form input to a .docx file
  • Multiple choice answers
  • Image field uploading (that gets exported to the .docx file)
  • AI based assessment of answers upon saving