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BalfCommentAn extremely lightweight and efficient database managing tool

Setup difficulty: moderate

BalfComment is a newly written (July 2019) comment system powered by Maria DB/MySQL and PHP. You can see it in action at the bottom of this page.

Being part of my own Web Independently Styled Project it follows the pattern of not implementing styles that would force you to modify it heavily. It allows the website developer to focus on developing the site and just installing a quick PHP script that deals with comments.

I also developed BalfComment in an object-oriented manner using the latest techniques.

Getting started

Getting started couldn't be easier. Head to my Download Center and download the PHP script to get started. Once there add in the settings needed to get it connected.

Embedding the comments code is also very easy too.

2019-07-02 00:40:12
First comment!
This is my first comment!
I'm testing replies here.
Another test of replies.
I think the replies work well.
Yes definitely.
John Smith:
2019-10-12 13:37:19
I like the comments
This is another test comment.
Thanks John
2020-09-26 09:13:04
Wizards win!
This comment shows the comment system working well.
Wizards are amazing!
Randolph Kelly
This is an interesting conversation...
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