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Velocity Web ServerA lightweight web server

Velocity Web ServerA lightweight web server

Velocity Web Server, or simply Velocity, is a web server application that makes it possible to run a server with minimal setup.

Support for many languages.

The ambition behind Velocity is to be able to support languages such as PHP or Python as well as ZPE with relative ease. In fact, the support for these languages only requires about 10 lines of Java code and the rest is handled by the server.

Supports many languages

Support for ZPE 1.8.6+ right from the box.

Support for ZPE was added in the first version through ZPE's included Velocity Web Server Handler interface and plugin combination. Simply put the ZPE runtime in the plugins folder and ZPE is enabled.

Cross platform.

Like ZPE, Velocity Web Server is written in the cross-platform Java programming language meaning it can be used on millions of devices.


Velocity Web Server makes it so easy to build and package a module for it. Modules can run another langauge or they can run native Java. All that is required to make them respond is how they deal with the request.

Instant setup

Velocity Web Server makes it so easy to run a web server of your own. Simply double-click the JAR file and start the server.


Velocity Web Server is also very fast. This is one of the main ambitions of the development of the server.

It does this by reducing the number of things that it needs to load when it is requested and deals with requests through separate threads.

Free. Forever.

Velocity Web Server is free and always will be. Part of the project will be open source and free too.

If you've paid for Velocity Web Server get your money back.

Learn more

You can read more about the Velocity Web Server and any associated materials on this page or you can download the latest version of it here.