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Official Velocity Web Server documentationVelocity Web Server documentation

Official Velocity Web Server documentationVelocity Web Server documentation

This is the official documentation of the Velocity Web Server or VWS. It is designed as a lightweight server and is getting more and more features every day.

Programmed in the Java language, it can run on almost any device with very little technical knowledge required, unlike IIS, ngnix or Apache.

Velocity prides itself on developer simplicity too, a simple module that requires very little knowledge of the Java language is all that is required to make the module work.

Getting started

To run the Velocity Web Server, double click the JAR file and then click on the Start Server button and provide a port number. When you have done this your server is running. Just like that you've got a running web server 😮.

Of course it can be run from the command line too, so just typing java -jar velocity.jar -p 80 will start it from there (you can change the port to whichever port suits you here too, 80 was the default).

What VWS is not

As of yet, Velocity is not able to provide secure connections. This is a definite need and over the next few months when moving from beta to release this will become the main priority.

Velocity also aims to add support for multiple hosts - something that's actually really easy to implement.

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