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Welcome to my personal website.

Find out more about me, my personal projects, reviews, courses and much more here.

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If you find my website and/or any of the other websites I host valuable, you can make a donation by clicking the button below! All you need is a PayPal account and some money to donate! So, if you want to support my website just click the button and choose how much you want to donate to me.

What does supporting this website entitle me to?

There are currently no major benefits offered to people who support me other than the fact that they have themselves helped fund towards me holding up the website which I hope provides a valuable resource.

It also may give you a sense of satisfaction that you have helped to support me and my websites.

Where does my money go?

Any money donated through this page will go to my PayPal, allowing me to continue funding my website and it's content. My personal website will likely always remain up since it is funded by Jambour Digital, but donations do help.

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