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What CSS still needs in August 2022
30Aug2022 / The Web
Today's request is a small one, but I think an important one. I always like to make a little mention of the features I would like in CSS. Today is once again, one that makes perfect sense.
A look at a new CSS feature (May 2019)
23May2019 / The Web
Here's a look at one of the new features to CSS as of May 2019
Giving more power to the browser (and JavaScript)
17Oct2018 / The Web
We are always giving more to JavaScript, but is this a good thing? In this article I'm exploring some very basic reasons why security has improved in our browsers and why JavaScript is no longer the threat it used to be.
What a URL tells the world and how to make effective URLs
15Sep2018 / The Web
URLs are one of the best methods for describing content before it is visited and therefore the way they are written is important.
CSS: custom shapes
29Jul2018 / The Web
In this article I am demonstrating a few new features coming soon to a browser near you.
Why CSS really needs variables
17Jan2017 / The Web
CSS discourages repetition by nature, that much is obvious. One stylesheet does all the styling. But it's biggest problem is that it can often be quite a large file that needs to be downloaded with HTML. There are ways of shrinking it but none are quite as effective as using variables.
Why CSS really needs variables
Web Design tips #1
12Nov2016 / The Web
This is my first article in which I am giving away some web design tricks and tips. This article is covering vertically aligning in the centre, leaving boundaries and styling radio buttons and checkboxes.
Strolling through the JavaScript API libraries
23Sep2016 / The Web
Once upon a time, JavaScript was a small subsection of web design and web development. Now it represents a large portion of it. In this article, I'm going to step into the world of JavaScript and look at some of the new APIs and features.
Strolling through the JavaScript API libraries
Design tips: fixed menus and fragment identifiers
11Sep2016 / The Web
Fixed menus (ones that float) are very popular, but they do have issues. Specifically I'm talking about fragment identifiers, since they do not include the offset of the fixed menu. In this article, I'm going to show you a nifty little trick with CSS that fixes this.
Design tips: fixed menus and fragment identifiers
The importance of using prepared statements
18Apr2016 / The Web
Prepared statements are something that every SQL developer should know about and yet, I asked several and not one of them knew what they are. This article intends to explore these fantastic tools and explain their benefits.
The importance of using prepared statements
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