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Brave Browser. Browse the web safer and faster.

Brave Browser. Browse the web safer and faster.

Since late 2018 I've been swapping back and forth between Chrome and Brave. I'm happy to say that one of my 2020 new year's resolutions of changing browser from Chrome has been completed.

Brave is faster than Chrome. It's safer and doesn't track you. It's built on Chromium. It's not owned by Google. And it gives you rewards. Best of all it supports Chrome Extensions.

In my own opinion, Brave is the result of the fusion of Firefox and Chrome after years of battling. It offers the best features of each (such as Chrome's rendering engine and extensions, Mozilla's belief for a better web and no tracking).

The problem for me was that I started using Firefox but quickly found the rendering in the Gecko engine wasn't particularly good for things like zooming in and it was definitely slower than Chrome. I moved to Chrome in the hope this would fix things but I have a big hate for Google products (I use Duck Duck Go as my search engine).

I stand by my choice to switch to Brave for a better browsing experience.

So, why not try out a better browser today? Go on, be Brave. Use my referal code by clicking the button below or copy https://brave.com/jam594 into your browser and download it now.

PS: Share my link so that I can get more rewards.