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The route to becoming vegan
30Jul2023 / Life
Over the last few months, I have begun a transition to becoming fully vegan. In this article, I discuss the what, why and the hurdles I had to overcome to get here.
The route to becoming vegan
Is SATA dead?
24Jul2023 / Technology
It's an on going debate, but what do I think?
Is SATA dead?
What CSS still needs in August 2022
30Aug2022 / The Web
Today's request is a small one, but I think an important one. I always like to make a little mention of the features I would like in CSS. Today is once again, one that makes perfect sense.
My new smart home July 2022
09Jul2022 / Smart Homes
Smart homes have got dumber and dumber over the last few years with more and more devices that require a cloud service to help them maintain their state. Well, I've been reversing this with more and more local execution-based devices around my house to fix this problem.
Why I will never buy another Mac again
24May2022 / Technology
I love Macs, but I also hate them for what they are.
Moving everything to digital in education
02May2022 / Education
As a teacher of Computing, it's one of my goals to push everything I do to digital. This week I made another big step towards this goal.
Recovering from COVID
14Sep2021 / Life
I have now had COVID. But I'm now out on the other side and on the recovery side of it. I want to tell you just how savage this virus is.
Recovering from COVID
Should the TV License be replaced?
21Jul2021 / Technology
The UK's TV License is an expensive yet very dated idea that needs to be looked at. In this article I take a look at the problems with the TV license as well as the difficulties that are faced with bringing in a replacement.
The move from Intel
19Jun2021 / Technology
The world of computing processors is shifting. More and more users, particularly those building custom PCs such as myself, are moving away from Intel. As someone who has shares in both Intel and AMD, I am often faced with the difficult choice as to who to put more of my money into these days.
The move from Intel
Using Homebridge
15Apr2021 / Smart Homes
Homebridge is an awesome tool that makes it easy to connect non-HomeKit products to your Apple HomeKit powered smart home systems. I'm going to explain why it's so great in this article.
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