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Why I will never buy another Apple Mac again

Why I will never buy another Apple Mac again

To put it clearly, making a decision or having the thought of never wanting to buy another Mac again is a difficult one for me to conjure but it's the only way I see myself being in the future.

Back in 2011, now 11 years ago, I got my first Mac that I fell in love with. It took me another year or so to fall in love with OS X as it was at the time, but when I did I just ditched Windows almost entirely. More and more I got sucked into the ecosystem of Apple, first with my iPod touch in 2011 then my second iPhone (an iPhone 5), then an iPad and Mac mini and eventually an Apple Watch and Airpods.

I have only ever considered MacBook Pros to be the laptop for me since my first one. It started in 2011 with a 13" 2011 MacBook Pro. It was an amazing machine that eventually my brother bought from me (and loved) before I moved on to a 15" 2013 model with a discrete video card. It was a powerful machine and by far the most I have ever spent on a computer. I planned to replace it with a Razer Blade Stealth which was an excellent laptop that was let down by a poor display that got blotchy after a few months. In 2020, I was eager to try out the new M1 chip so I got a new MacBook Pro 13". I still love the little thing. 

But my problem with MacBook Pros comes down to my 2013 model and the lack of repairability in it. As many of my readers of my website will know, I'm an environmentalist whereby I will do anything I can to avoid waste from simple things like not buying something because it uses too much packaging to carry something back from work just to recycle it. Unfortunately, Apple's strategy of making things lighter and thinner by glueing components and soldering memory just doesn't comply with this for me.

So whilst the M2 MacBook Pro look very nice and I have been tempted on several occasions, I have to remember that the lack of repairability means that when the SSD dies or the Unified Memory dies that's it!

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