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Web Independently Styled Project

Web Independently Styled Project

Websites often rely on plugins, tools and other extras to help develop them quickly. These tools often come with their own styling, JavaScript and CSS. For many people, like me, who build a website with a certain theme of their own choice, these plugins and tools with their styles don't fit in.

Too many developers take the step towards developing their sites in an audacious manner towards design and thus sacrifice the appearance of the website. The theory, in my opinion, is that it's too easy to lift someone else's designs and put them into an existing site with little or no concern for their own design.

My Web Independently Styled Project (WISP) aims to fix this by developing a set of very open and useful tools that can be used on any website regardless of the theme. For example, BalfBar uses SASS to allow developers to style every part of the menubar but also offers multiple methods of displaying the menu itself. BalfSlider allows easy customisation of animations and makes it easy to embed future animations.

BalfBar BalfComment BalfKeyBind BalfPick BalfRibbon BalfSlider BalfVote BalfBar BalfComment BalfKeyBind BalfPick BalfRibbon BalfSlider BalfVote


The ambition and aim behind such a set of tools is to ensure that my own website can easily be transformed in to a new style at any point. The other reason for this development was to ensure that if I open any other websites in the future I can deploy the required tools very quickly. As such, the development of the ClickIt website was made much faster because of my own DASH content management being flexible to change.


The goals of the WISP are as follows:

  • Free, easy to use and stable
  • Design-free and style-free
  • Flexible and open-source

Where does the name come from?

The choice of name comes from the fact it is a set of tools with no designs built in and remains independent of any styles.