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Computers and the environment

Learning Intentions

  • Understand the impact of computers on the environment

  • Recognise methods of saving energy when using computers

Success Criteria

  • I can explain how computers impact upon the environment
  • I can state and describe methods to reduce their impact on the environment

What is this lesson?

  • Computers and all electronic devices have an impact upon the environment.

  • This can be when they are used or when they are manufactured.

Stand by

  • Stand by is a computer power state that uses less energy than when the computer is on.
  • It stores the current state of the computer in RAM and then only the RAM continues to be powered. 
  • A hit of a key on the keyboard or move of the mouse will wake the computer up

Switching off at the wall

  • Some devices have a standby feature that uses considerable energy. For example, a Samsung Smart TV with the one connect box use 38 Watts when in stand by mode where as a smart bulb uses less than 1 Watt.

  • Switching off at the wall may seem obvious, but many of do not do it. 

  • It's an effective way of saving energy.

Display brightness

  • Switching off a screen (monitor) when not in use is one way of saving power, but also reducing the brightness of the screen can also reduce the power consumption.

  • Reducing the backlight of the display is also a method of saving power.

Using smaller devices for a task

  • Using a device like a laptop instead of a desktop for a task that both are capable of saves power too since laptops have much lower power consumption

Auto power off

  • Computers have a feature to automatically switch off when they are not in use. 

  • When a computer is not in use it is said to be idle. When a computer is idle it is still using a considerable amount of energy.

  • Instead of a computer sitting idle, the computer could go in to a lower power state such as stand by.

  • Additionally, devices connected to the computer could go into a lower power state and the computer can control this.

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Computers and the Environment
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15:49 | 23-05-2024
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