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micro:bit An Introduction

Learning Intentions

  • Understand what a micro:bit is and how it works

Success Criteria

  • I can build a simple program that can run on a micro:bit

What you will be learning

  • In this lesson, you will be learning to use the BBC micro:bit, which is a very small, and simple computer.
  • The micro:bit can be powered by a USB cable via the micro USB type B connector on the top or by a battery via the battery connector, also on the top.

Why are you learning this?

  • Computer Science related jobs are becoming one of the most important jobs you can get in terms of future proofing.
  • Learning computing skills now will prepare you for the future.
  • Thinking in a problem-solving, computational way can help you in all sorts of ways in life

What does it remind you of?

Work through the micro:bit projects booklet


Presentation Overview
An introduction to micro:bit
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19:11 | 23-05-2024
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