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Collaborative web design

Learning Intentions

  • Learn how to build a website

  • Use research tools to find out about topics

Success Criteria

  • Work as a team to construct a website
  • Research the internet for a topic and present it in an eye-catching manner


  • This lesson is all about teamwork.
  • Teamwork is key in most software development companies.
  • There are different roles that are taken up by different people with different skill sets within the team.
  • Websites are built to a specified set of requirements that are sometimes generated by a client.


  • In most software development projects, there is a project manager. A project manager will decide how the project will be completed.
  • There is also a team lead, who takes charge of splitting up the tasks and ensuring everyone knows what to do at all times. They also ensure that each person completes their own tasks when they are needed.
  • The last role, at least for our purposes, is the developers. The developers' role is to build the product.


Client requirements

  • I would like a website that contains information about the latest virtual reality software. I would like to know what virtual reality is, what different virtual reality options I have, how virtual reality works and why I would be interested in it.
  • The following set of requirements are the requirements for your website.

Get into groups of four and no more! Make sure you are happy with the people in your group.


  1. Decide who will be the project leader.
  2. Given the specification shown before, decide who will take charge of each page. Remember, you also need a homepage.


Lesson review

Our team has organised different roles for each of the members of the group and begun to research for our website

Our team has divided into different areas and have begun to research for and develop our website 

Our group has split up into specialist groups and taken charge of our research and development

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Collaborative Web Design
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19:50 | 23-05-2024
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