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What are media assets?

Learning Intentions

  • Understand the term media asset

  • Give examples of media assets in other disciplines of software development

Success Criteria

  • I can explain what a media asset is
  • I can identify media assets used in games

Media assets

  • All production of software, including websites, include the use of external assets.
  • These assets can come in the form of graphics for the software, audio that is used within it, or, in the case of software, libraries of code that provide some functionality.
  • In this lesson we are going to look at what media assets are in terms of websites and in terms of games.

What is an asset?

  • The term assets refers to something that is important for a game or piece of software to work correctly.
  • The term media asset was first used in the games industry to describe an individual piece of digital media, such as a character graphic, music, sound effect or in game video clip, which are used as part of a larger project or production such as the game itself.
  • Websites use assets such as text, videos, graphics and audio.

Research task

Go to


What media assets might this website have?


Now, thinking about a game of your choice, discuss the assets you might find in that game.

Who designs these assets?

  • It is often the case that the company developing the game employs several graphics designers to develop character graphics, but it is also often the case (particularly with smaller companies) to use services of individuals not part of the company.
  • These kinds of individuals are often well paid, often more so than the people who code or design the game itself.
  • Some assets can be acquired freely and legally from the internet.

Go to the following website (or search it on Google)

Have a look at each of the games in the worksheet by viewing the YouTube video (links in the worksheet). Identify their media assets.


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What Are Media Assets?
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