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Shark Bait

Learning Intentions

  • I am learning how to use communication between objects (sprites) in Scratch
  • I am learning how to use logic in Scratch

Success Criteria

  • I will be able to make a game in Scratch using a series of instructions

What you will be learning

  • In this lesson we are going to build upon what we did in lesson 4 and add in a shark. This will make the game more of a challenge.

Shark Bait

How is this game different from lesson 5?!

  • This game should be fairly similar to the Treasure Hunt Game made in lesson 4. 
  • This game differs however by having a bad guy in it.
  • You can use your game from lesson 4 if you managed to complete it. It is important that you make a copy of your existing game from lesson 5 if you do this!

Adding in a lives variable

  • Adding a bad guy into Scratch involves a few changes to our existing game.
  • One of those changes is adding in a lives variable.

Work through Lesson 7 from the Scratch booklet.


Extension: begin working on your own game or animation


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Shark Bait
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