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Target Audience

List as many input devices as you can

Discuss with your team.

Why did you choose the colour scheme you have chosen for your website and brand?


Be prepared to share your ideas and be able to justify them.

Learning Intentions

  • Understand the term target audience

Success Criteria

  • I can explain what the term target audience is
  • I can identify the target audience of a website or digital product

Our audience

  • In the digital marketing world, we cannot simply develop a marketing campaign that suits everyone
  • We often need to look at who the target audience of our website or digital product is.
  • This is often quite tricky and requires us to think hard.

Importance of your audience

  • Audience is, again, one the first things we need to think about.
  • Knowing your audience can help us decide on a colour scheme that helps us captivate an audience. 
  • Remember, the target audience are the people who you are trying to convince to use your product or service.

Example business

  • A landscaping business called Lovely Landscapes which has recently set up a website to start advertising and showing off work that has been carried out so far.
  • The company deals with gardens of all shapes and sizes but only within 40 miles of the company's offices in Glasgow. It focuses on premium, albeit expensive, landscaped gardens designed to last.

The scope of our audience

  • Are our audience local, country-wide or international?
  • With our landscaping business, we might be looking at people within 40 miles or so of our own home.

The age of our audience

  • Knowing what age group(s) you are appealing to is perhaps the most obvious way to categorise your audience.
  • Different age groups will have several different things about them:
    • Reading levels (young children might not have as high a reading level as older children)
    • Money or no money (young children do not have any money)
    • Access to technology (again, younger and older people might have different levels of access to technology)
    • Travel (same as above, younger and older people might not have access to transport)

Technology access

  • Although this can be defined by age, it can also be classified by where they live.
    • In some parts of the UK, for example, the Rannoch Moor and Glencoe, broadband is something that is still not readily available. 
    • A user without access to a good infrastructure might not be a frequent user of the Internet
    • A user with a slow Internet connection might only be able to view a webpage without any styling or images on it.


  • Budget is also very important. For example, with our landscaping website, you might target people with big, big country house gardens or you might target those with smaller gardens. 
  • Both of these have different budgets to spend on their gardens.

Other examples

  • Hobbies
  • Religion
  • Ethnicity
  • Marital Status
  • Pets


There are many more than just this however!

Discuss other ways you can identify an audience

  • In your groups, discuss any additional ways in which you can categorise your audience.

Target audience of our company

For our landscaping company, the target audience may be written as:


I believe the target audience of Lovely Landscapes is people aged between 20 and 70 who own a property with a garden, and moderate or high budget to spend on their garden. They do not need to have particularly good access to technology and may only own a smartphone. 

Target audience?

Target audience?

Target audience?

Create a simple and engaging website targeted at 6 to 8-year-olds on a topic that interests you. The goal is to showcase your creativity and understanding of what appeals to their age group.


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Target Audience
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