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Treasure Hunt game

Learning Intentions

  • I am learning what coordinates are and how they relate to a sprite

  • I am learning how to make a sprite move using user input from the mouse

Success Criteria

  • I will be able to make a sprite follow the mouse
  • I will be able to make a simple game where the player collects treasure
  • I will be able to add a time limit to my game

What you will be learning

  • In this lesson you will be creating another game in Scratch. This game will have step by step instructions to assist you and help you build your game.

Treasure hunt game

Fixed loops

  • In this lesson you will be working with fixed loops - a loop that runs a certain number of times.
  • This kind of loop is particularly useful for when you work with time as shown on the right.

Keywords - Starter

Open the instructions for lesson 4 on your computer and complete the starter task by dragging and dropping the keywords shown below onto the correct definitions:


  • Variable
  • Loop
  • Condition
  • Event

Work through Lesson 4.


Extension: Attempt the Coin Collector game.


Presentation Overview

In this lesson pupils will build another game with different mechanics. This will improve the problem solving skills as well as their understanding of key concepts in computer science such as fixed loops and decision making.

Treasure Hunt Game
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16:31 | 23-05-2024
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