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A-Mazing Marty

Learning Intentions

  • Understand how programming skills can be applied elsewhere

Success Criteria

  • I can make a Marty Robot move a certain number of steps
  • I can explain why sequence is so important in computer programming

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  • In this lesson you are going to be programming Marty to complete a maze. 
  • The faster you complete the maze and the more complex your code is (i.e. using things like loops and if statements rather than a series of movement tools) the more points your team will get.

The editor - a quick reminder

The editor

Pick the Marty Blocks mode as you will not get a Marty Bot each and this allows you to program until you have one

Getting to the yellow

  • To start, get into your groups
  • Collect a yellow piece of paper, a Chromebook and a Marty Robot for your group
  • Your first objective will be to use the sensors to detect when Marty has reached the yellow piece of paper.
  • When you have done that, produce a series of instructions that makes Marty move until he has reached the yellow.

Getting to the yellow

Getting started

  • Using the mats in front of you, you will need to develop a series of instructions so that when the green flag is clicked your Marty (not your team's Marty, yet) can complete the maze (get to the green section) obtaining the yellow section and starting on the pink section.
  • You will need to use all sorts of different blocks to do this, including repeat blocks.

Getting started

  • Questions you need to ask yourself whilst doing this:
    • How far is one step?
    • How many steps do you need to move forward in order to get to your goal (Speed = Distance ÷ Time)?
    • If there is a ramp, how fast can you go without falling over?
    • If there is an obstacle how do you avoid it?

Lesson review

I can make Marty move and perform a simple action such as moving

I have configured Marty to perform a series of actions, following a sequence

I have configured Marty to perform a complex sequence of actions and have managed to get it to follow a sequence of instructions

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A-Mazing Marty
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