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Official ZPE/YASS documentationZPE/YASS documentation


The pages associated to this page cover the syntax of ZPE/YASS as well as some underlying development strategies and some of the key concepts. If you are using the ZPE Programming Environment or YASS you should find this set of pages very useful.

This documentation is specific to my ZPE/YASS implementation.

Getting started

When you have downloaded the ZPE Programming Environment executable you will need to know how to use it.


The following is a list of all the main features of the YASS language:

Language constructs

The following list is a list of all syntax and language constructs for YASS:

Data types

Built-in object syntax documents

The following documentation covers objects built-in to the language itself and how they work as well as their exposed functions.

Predefined functions

The following is a concise list of all built-in functions and links to pages dedicated to them. There is more information on predefined functions above.

The list is always in sync with the latest version of ZPE because it comes from ZPE itself (since version 1.8.2). You can generate this list using the json_encode(list_zpe_functions()) within the engine itself as I do.

There are currently a total of 0 predefined functions in ZPE/YASS.

Old functions that have since been removed but still have documentation are available here.

Other documentation

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