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Official ZPE/YASS documentationZPE & Web

A major part of ZPEs flexibility and YASS syntax is that it can be developed to do more than just what it was originally designed for. Part of this philosophy that it can do more was to develop a simple web server that can transform YASS into a server side language. ZPE has been a Velocity Web Server module since version 1.8.6 (May 2020).

The YASS server side language is very similar to PHP and can be embedded in HTML. The following is a very quick example that will print the HTTP headers and then print the numbers from 0 to 50:

<!doctype html>
    <title>Simple ZPE/YASS webpage</title>
    <p>Welcome to ZPE/YASS!</p>


      for($i = 0 to 500)
        print($i & "<br/>")
      end for


ZPE is a powerful language that offers ease of use and development as well as webpage integration like PHP.

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