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ZPE Online

ZPE Online is a new service that was fully introduced at the end of spring 2019. The service allows you to save your ZPE code straight on to cloud storage amongst other things. Code can be easily stored and retrieved as well as shared.

ZPE Online is a service that is designed to simplify and expand the potential of ZPE programs written in YASS by utilising the power of the web. ZPE version 1.7.4 is the first version that contains the functionality that allows direct connectivity to the service. By combining the power of ZPE/YASS, JB-JSON and PHP, the client-server combination makes it much easier to develop amazing programs with YASS.

ZPE Online is a feature only available through the GUI mode. However, it is open to use through the http_post method built-in to ZPE.

Public code samples submitted by users

Sample name Submitted by
Standard Libraryjamiebalfour04
Computer Quizjamiebalfour04
Sequential filesjamiebalfour04
Image effectsjamiebalfour04
Random numbers over 700jamiebalfour04
Home automationjamiebalfour04
Binary Converterjamiebalfour04