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ZPE Online

ZPE Online

What is ZPE Online?

ZPE Online, originally known by it's codename Munro Top, is a service that was fully introduced at the end of spring 2019. The service allows you to save your ZPE code straight on to free cloud storage. Code can be easily stored and retrieved as well as shared.

Designed to be lightweight, efficient and fast, ZPE Online is the best way to store and share applications written in YASS. Future versions of the YASS language look to support embedding code from ZPE Online directly into programs.

The ZPE Online service is designed to streamline and simplify as well as expand the potential of ZPE programs written in YASS by utilising the power of the web. ZPE version 1.7.4 is the first version that contains the functionality that allows direct connectivity to the service. By combining the power of ZPE/YASS, the ZenithJSONParser and PHP; ZPE Online makes it much easier to develop and share amazing programs with YASS.

Future versions of ZPE intend to be able to directly include and thus compile from shared code from ZPE Online, much as they can from ZULE.

ZPE Online is a feature available through the command line and the graphical interface of ZPE.