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Official ZPE/YASS documentationfile_get_contents

file_get_contents (string file[, boolean escape_string]) ⇒ string

Reads all text within a file and returns it as a string.

First available: Version 1.3.2


Prior to ZPE 1.8.5 (May 2020, Carter) the second argument was called format and was designed to accept the word bytes or string to determine how the output would be formatted. 1.8.5 changed the function to no longer accept byte output and moved it to file_get_bytes.

ZPE 1.8.5 also can use this function to read text from a URL on the web.

Version 1.5.3 added the format and escape_string parameters.

Prior to version 1.7.6 this method was called file_open. It was renamed as the file_open method was reused.


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