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Official ZPE/YASS documentationAuto-include

Official ZPE/YASS documentationAuto-include

Since version 1.10.7, ZPE has included the auto-include feature.

Auto-include is used to automatically include some code into a program at the very beginning of the program, without the need to write an actual include statement. PHP has a similar feature.

To use this, the property AUTO_PREPEND_PATH must be set with an appropriate value. This value must be set to a well-formed URI that is the path to a text-based file containing YASS syntax.

Each and everytime a program is run in ZPE, e.g. through the -r mode, this code is prepended to the program. This also works with the -i mode as well.


It is worth noting that auto-prepend requires ZPE to compile the prepended code every time that ZPE is run which can impact on performance. Compiled programs will soon have a flag which will disable auto-prepending code to them to improve performance and to ensure that they are consistent across different devices.

There are also plans to compile and cache the prepended file to speed up inclusion.

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