Official ZPE/YASS documentationIncluding other code

One of the greatest things about C or PHP is being able to include other code files. ZPE has supported libraries since a minor version of version 1.3 and yet as of version 1.5, it has no way to include a script, other than the run_script function.

To make development of larger applications more efficient, ZPE 1.5.1 and onward feature the includes keyword. This keyword signifies to the compiler to include a file's contents. The file should be UTF-8 text but the extension does not matter.

It's really easy to use the new feature by simply using:

includes "file_to_include.txt"

Inclusion is done at parse time (the step before compliation) and therefore if a program is compiled with a file included the file cannot be modified after.

If the file contains valid ZPE/YASS code, the code is included as part of the main application script and compiled as part of it.

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