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Official ZPE/YASS documentationlist_pop

list_pop (list l) ⇒ mixed

Gets and removes the last element from the list and returns the value.

First available: Version 1.4.2


Prior to version 1.7.2, this method would not modify the original list but would return a new list containing the original list minus the first list and the value removed.

Prior to version 1.9.8

Prior to version 1.9.8 (Chirnside), this function would return false when the list had a size smaller than 1. As of version 1.9.8 it returns a null.

Prior to version 1.8.7

Prior to version 1.8.7 (Portman), there is an implementation issue in which list_pop and list_dequeue have their implementations the wrong way around. It appears that the names were given to them the wrong way around when they were added. Version 1.8.7 now makes list_pop take the element at the end of list or array and list_dequeue take from the start of the list or array.


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