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Official ZPE/YASS documentationshutdown

shutdown ([string command, [integer minutes]]) ⇒ void

Runs the shutdown command, given a parameter, command, which specifies the shutdown request (e.g. -r for restart).

First available: Version 1.3.2

ZPE < 1.10.7

Prior to version 1.10.7, this was a Core function.

shutdown v1.2

The ZPE/YASS implementation of the shutdown command was made even further supportive of multiple platforms in version 1.10.4 (Exceptional Elephant).

1.10.4 also made it possible to run the command without providing any parameters to it, which by default will result in a pure shutdown.

shutdown v1.1

The shutdown command was improved in version 1.8.1 to make it work with time based commands. The minutes argument was added to allow the program to specify in how many minutes the system should shutdown. This is based on the operating system and runs an appropriate Unix or win32 shell command to do this.


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