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Official ZPE/YASS documentationFunction data type

The function data type is one of the most powerful data types in ZPE/YASS. In ZPE/YASS functions are first-class citizens and can be operated on similarly to other data types.

Functions, although a reference type, do not provide any reference functions.

The following is an example of the function data type in action, including using it with TYPO:

$a = function(){ print("Hello world!") }

//Using TYPO (version 1.9.7+)
declare b as function = () => { print("Hello world!") }

Variables containing functions are called lambda or anoymous functions. These variables can be 'called' like a standard function:

$printer1 = function(){ print("Function A!") }
declare printer2 as function = () => { print("Function B!") }

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