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Official ZPE/YASS documentationrun_at

run_at (function f, integer time) ⇒ boolean

Runs a function or lambda function within a separate thread at a specific time in the form of an epoch time.

First available: Version 1.8.1


This function is similar to the Unix command at.

This function can be used nicely in conjunction with the time function added in the same version.

ZPE 1.10.7+

ZPE 1.10.7 (Hasty Hyena) changed the way that the run_at command works, completely overhauling the system, making it more efficient.

It also is much easier to cancel, using the predefined interupt function on it:

function beeper()
  beep(random_number(1, 1000) * 1000, 1000))
end function

//This will make a random beep in 10 seconds time
$scheduled = run_in(handle_of("beeper"), time() + 10000)

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