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Official ZPE/YASS documentationCustom keywords

Official ZPE/YASS documentationCustom keywords

YASS is a flexible language that supports custom keywords. For instance:

test x

test has been recognised as a keyword by the compiler in the example above. The compiler knows this is a keyword because a plugin exists that specifies this keyword. The plugin has the following Java code:

import jamiebalfour.zpe.core.AST;
import jamiebalfour.zpe.core.ZenithEngine;
public class ZenithCustomModule implements jamiebalfour.zpe.core.ZenithCustomModule {

  public String GetName() {
      return "test";
  public AST CompileToAST(ZenithEngine z) {

      AST node = new AST();
      node.value = z.ExternalMethods.GetCurrentCompilerWord();

      return node;
  public void Traverse(ZenithEngine z, AST node) {


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