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Jamie Balfour'sReviews

Nintendo Switch review
04Mar2017 / Technology
For quite some time it has been clear that Nintendo had been working on a successor to the Wii U. Originally codenamed the NX, the Switch was officially unveiled in October of 2016 as being a mix of the best of the 3DS and Wii U in one. In this review I intend to determine just how good a job Nintendo has done with the Switch.
Nintendo Switch  review
Canon EOS 1300D review
03Nov2016 / Technology
Canon have long been one of the companies that have been considered leaders in the photography industry. Canon also has a low budget DSLR market and the 1300D is a member of this range of cameras. Now I'm looking at my very first personal SLR camera.
Canon EOS 1300D  review
Sony Bravia X830C HDTV review
01Nov2016 / Technology
For at least the last four months I have been looking to replace my ageing Samsung C750 LCD TV. I've been contemplating a Sony Bravia as a replacement but I've always sworn by Samsung for my TVs at least but will this TV sway me away from Samsung?
Sony Bravia X830C HDTV  review
Samsung Galaxy S7 review
18Oct2016 / Technology
As a long time Apple fan making the switch from iOS to Android was going to be tough. I'm attempting to make the switch from an iPhone 6 to a Samsung Galaxy S7. In this review I'm going to give my own view of this Android powered device.
Samsung Galaxy S7  review
SteelSeries Rival 100 gaming mouse review
14Oct2016 / Technology
SteelSeries are renowned for their gaming hardware. This cheap gaming mouse appealed to me both as a gaming mouse for the future and as a mouse for my new office. In this review I'm going to look at this mouse, it's qualities and it's issues.
SteelSeries Rival 100 gaming mouse  review
Microsoft's Outlook update review
22Sep2016 / Software
Let's not beat about the bush here, Microsoft's attempts at making their webmail client have never worked out. Microsoft has attempted once again to refresh Outlook and give it a new outlook on your mail. In this review I look at the history of Outlook and it looks like in it's latest update and whether or not I will be staying with this as my primary email account.
Microsoft's Outlook update review
Logitech G910 Orion Spectrum review
10Jun2016 / Technology
In this review I aim to enlighten you about the Logitech Orion Spectrum G910, the replacement keyboard for the Orion Spark keyboard Logitech released just over a year ago.
Logitech G910 Orion Spectrum  review
Warcraft: The Beginning review
08Jun2016 / Entertainment
Many will know that Warcraft is my favourite game franchise of all time, with Warcraft III being my favourite game of all time and the original Warcraft being the very first video game I ever played. Blizzard releasing a film based on this had me excited beyond belief. After seeing it, I'm left shocked.
Warcraft: The Beginning review
Windows 10 review
11Sep2015 / Software
My review comes a little bit late due to the fact that my installation was painfully difficult. In this review, I intend to look at what the ultimate (according to Microsoft) Windows operating system offers.
Windows 10  review
Asus Transformer TF100TAF review
08Jun2015 / Technology
I'm a Mac user attempting to use PCs occasionally for things that I would normally do on my Mac with an Asus Transformer T100TAF. Find out what I think of this convertible.
Asus Transformer TF100TAF  review
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