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Warcraft: The Beginning review
08Jun2016 / Entertainment
Many will know that Warcraft is my favourite game franchise of all time, with Warcraft III being my favourite game of all time and the original Warcraft being the very first video game I ever played. Blizzard releasing a film based on this had me excited beyond belief. After seeing it, I'm left shocked.
Warcraft: The Beginning review
Windows 10 review
11Sep2015 / Software
My review comes a little bit late due to the fact that my installation was painfully difficult. In this review, I intend to look at what the ultimate (according to Microsoft) Windows operating system offers.
Windows 10  review
Asus Transformer TF100TAF review
08Jun2015 / Technology
I'm a Mac user attempting to use PCs occasionally for things that I would normally do on my Mac with an Asus Transformer T100TAF. Find out what I think of this convertible.
Asus Transformer TF100TAF  review
Dell UltraSharp UZ2315h multimedia display review
08Apr2015 / Technology
Since I got my first Dell display in 2010 I have become a Dell display lover. This review looks at what is good and what is bad with the Dell UZ2315h monitor.
Dell UltraSharp UZ2315h multimedia display  review
BlueLounge Soba review
24Feb2015 / Gadgets
For years now, I have looked at BlueLounge products as being some of the most innovative ones in the world. Now I take a look at something new, Soba.
BlueLounge Soba  review
Parallels 10 review
14Feb2015 / Software
Parallels has been for a long time the most popular virtual environment for Macs. Running Windows and Linux inside a virtual machine on a Mac has been relatively easy because of Parallels and now version 10 has been released. This review looks at what the new version brings.
Parallels 10  review
Apple Mac Mini 2012 review
14Nov2014 / Technology
This is a review of the previous generation of Mac mini. This article was written after the 2014 Mac mini was released, find out why I didn’t get a 2014 model.
Apple Mac Mini 2012  review
Apple iPhone 6 review
30Oct2014 / Technology
This is the review of the new iPhone 6, which represents the next step of the tick tock cycle Apple follows with the iPhone these days.
Apple iPhone 6 review
Apple MacBook Pro with Retina display 2013 15 review
18Jul2014 / Technology
This review of the new MacBook Pro with Retina display may suprise you, or it may be exactly what you felt when you tried it. The model being reviewed here is the 15 inch 2013 high end model.
Apple MacBook Pro with Retina display 2013 15 review
Apple iPad Air 32GB 4G review
22Feb2014 / Technology
The iPad has long been the most popular individual tablet on the market. This review will look at what's great about the iPad and what's not.
Apple iPad Air 32GB 4G review
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