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I pay quite a bit to host all of my websites, ranging from (the original), to (an addon domain), (my personal website, now with HTTPS), and finally,

Since version 1.5 will rename the syntax of ZPE, zenlang will no longer be the valid name. On top of this, the website has received much less attention from myself and has been left a bit of a mess. As a result, will no longer remain online from next year when it goes up for renewal. I will leave it as a subdomain (which is always available too at for the future and will probably work on it for a while before I relaunch it with the new name.



Today my tutorials have finally become recognised! An online company known as Udemy sent me this email:

Hi Jamie,

I was doing some research for our students here at Udemy on people using PHP resources and when I came across your site, saw you were using the tutorial from w3schools.

We really like that resource, and actually created our own that we think is a perfect supplement! This PHP tutorial is text-and image based, easy to search for quick answers, and super helpful for anyone: as a base for learning or as a reference guide. 

Do you think this would be a helpful resource? If so, please use it on your site. I'd love to see more people learning PHP!

Thanks so much, 

This makes me feel so proud of what I have achieved with my website and will go in my list of recommendations! 

Posted by J B Balfour in Website news

Just last week I was speaking to my brother about a new software venture that will involve us using a platform independent language such as Java to develop the software hosted on this site from scratch again. This would mean great things such as being able to use it on Mac OS X and Linux. It would unfortunately mean using Java, however - and many will know how I dislike Java. 

However, in recent events, Microsoft has chosen to make the most shocking, but one of the best, changes to .NET Framework, which is the common language runtime (CLR) that all of my applications run in. They have chosen to make the language available on all platforms, without needing some external framework such as Mono to do this.

This will mean that soon I can get these applications up and running with the new .NET Framework 5 and working with all the main OSes. It will likely mean that after years of supporting Windows XP, I will have to finally cut the support.