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Part 1.1Course introduction

Part 1.1Course introduction

JavaScript is everywhere. It is one of the most popular programming languages in the world since almost all devices with access to a web browser have access to it.

In the context of web development, JavaScript is designed to add functionality to a webpage and make a webpage interactive. It can be used to do so many different operations on a website including receiving webpages asynchronously, animating elements on the screen and processing and validating information.

JavaScript manipulates the DOM or Document Object Model. The DOM is responsible for generating a tree of the HTML elements from the tags it is given in HTML code.

This course

JavaScript is a scripting language and therefore testing it requires only a web browser. I recommend either Google Chrome or Safari to be compliant with standards.

This course will start with basic JavaScript, progressively getting more intense. The majority of testing will take place in the console, but as the course gets further on it will begin to manipulate the webpage.

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