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Since 2007 when the iPhone took the world by storm mobile web browsing has continued to grow in it's user base and now for the very first time it has overtaken desktop browsing. Of course, this is based on just one figure, but it's now very understandable as the users of smart phones are at their highest.

Whilst I'm not surprised about the situation in relation to my own website since it has been this way for the last 3 or so years with my website (more than 60% of requesting coming from mobile devices), I do regret that my recent developments on my website have focused on the desktop browser a lot more than mobile (not to say that my mobile website isn't perfect anyway) in the hope to revive the desktop version of my website. As I mentioned, all of these updates will likely be to no avail since the majority of users across the web are from mobile devices and it will likely keep going that way.

Now Google's proposal, which later became requirement, that all websites must implement a mobile version makes far more sense. Why rank a website highly when it doesn't support the most used platforms?

You can find more about this at

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Finally, after many years of planning, I will be bringing polls to BalfBlog. This post will soon feature one.

Also, I'm not planning on adding a way of creating polls into version 2.2 of BalfBlog, just for parsing them. So if you do want to create a poll, create a poll.xml file in the content directory for the post you want to have one. Note that version 2.3 will not use the poll.xml file since I plan to change the way in which this works.

This post now features my first ever poll from BalfBlog! Powered by XML and JSON together this fantastic feature might not find much use on my website, but it most definitely will be very useful in general in BalfBlog. It's asynchronous as well, so by voting you will not leave the page. Finally, users may vote just once and all user votes are stored in the poll. Currently the poll consists of a polling system in which users can vote on one option. Building on what is now implemented, I plan to allow users to insert other quantitative data into the system and eventually qualitative data too. 
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