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Official ZPE/YASS documentationglobal

global (var variable) ⇒ boolean

Promotes a local variable or parameter to a global variable. It keeps a copy of the local version as well as the global, but produces a global copy. If the variable is not defined, that is, the variable cannot be found in the global variables, parameters or local variables for the current function, the function returns false otherwise it returns true.

First available: Version

Using global

The global function is used to push a variable to the global status. ZPE uses what is referred to as a global function. This is a function in which all other functions run within.

How ZPE deals with global variables

A simple call stack shows how the global function overarches everything that runs within a script.

When a variable is promoted to global it will move straight to the global function variables, even if defined in a parent first.


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