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Official ZPE/YASS documentationAssociative arrays

Associative arrays are similar to those found in PHP, as well as having similarities to dictionaries. They differ from ordinary lists in that they store a pair of values. It stores a key which is used to access a value. The key is the left of the fat arrow.

$a = [44 => 32, 99 => 93]

The empty associative array, which can particularly useful when determining the type of a variable, is represented as [=>]:

$a = [44 => 32, 99 => 93]
print(get_type($a) == get_type([=>]))

Prior to version 1.5.3, associative arrays were enclosed in braces ({ }) as opposed to the square brackets used now ([ ]). This change made only a small difference to coding and has no effect on the underlying representation of associative arrays.


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