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Part 1.1Course introduction

Part 1.1Course introduction

What this course is

This course is an introduction to CSS. The course covers a lot of the key features of CSS. It is, like all courses on this website, a step-by-step guide, gradually getting more advanced as it proceeds.

The core focus of this course is to demonstrate how CSS works and how to use it, but also to introduce some CSS concepts as well as some CSS styles.

This course is not a comprehensive collection of documentation on each property, the purpose of the course is to show how these work and how the knowledge gained from understanding them will encourage the reader to read more into the documentation provided about further properties. Further to this, CSS is a working standard, so new features are always coming to it.

This course expects that you know some basic HTML and have some understanding of how web technologies including servers work.

The HTML in the course is minimal, but it is also important to know how to link CSS to the HTML.

You can find my HTML course here.

You can use Trinket to test out CSS by clicking using the Flash Panel Toggle button on the right hand side at any time during these tutorials. This is only available on larger devices such as desktop and laptop displays.

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