Part 4.6Attribute selector

The attribute selector is used to select elements that have a specific attribute value, that is, elements that have a specified attribute and have a specified value.

Attribute selector

The attribute selector is a powerful selector. This website uses it on links to determine external links from internal links.

Example attributes include:

  • href
  • placeholder
  • email
  • number

Square brackets are used to start an attribute selector:

	background: #f00;

The above sample will make the background of any input element which has the attribute type="number".

As well as being able to specify a value like number, regular expressions such as ^=http can be used (this regular expression will check if a string starts with http).

Select all where attribute exists

It's also possible to select all elements which have an attribute regardless of it's value. This is a very useful tool because it allows you to select all elements without a class, for instance, using CSS.

This example demonstrates how to select all elements with a class attribute, regardless of what class this is:

	background: #f00;

This next version will do the opposite, selecting all elements without a class (it uses the CSS :not pseudo-selector):

	background: #00f;
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