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Part 1.1Course introduction

Part 1.1Course introduction

An introduction

YASS or Yet Another Scripting Syntax is a programming language syntax developed by Jamie Balfour in 2015. It is compiled with the ZPE Programming Environment (ZPE).

As well as ZPE being a compiler, is also an interpreter and runtime environment. This means that programs can be run without compilation prior to the initial run or can be compiled and run later.

ZPE is written in Java, so it requires the Java runtime environment underneath. This may seem like a bad idea as it's abstraction over another language, but the intention is to keep it easy to use on mulitple platforms.

YASS's main focus is on simplicity - a lot of languages like this idea. ZPE sacrifices performance for readability and consistency. The ZPE compiler is extremely efficient and works very fast to compile the code. The interpreter is designed to also run as fast as it possibly can.

This tutorial will discuss the basics and advanced concepts in YASS, however, this is not a reference manual or a documentation page, nor is this an exhaustive tutorial covering everything in YASS and ZPE. For that the official documentation is a good place to look.

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