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The latest feature to come to ZPE - YASS Unfold - is a very useful feature. YASS Unfold does just that - it 'unfolds' the code into natural language, explaining what the code is doing. The very first version, which will be released in late October, features only a handful of features such as while loops, if statements and function calls (so far, but may contain more) and will not be the full feature.

This could be very useful for explaining complex code and will be looking at implementing some machine learning to improve and optimise results. I aim to have every feature from ZPE up to version 1.7 by the end of the month as it doesn't take long to write. Further to this is the new directive @unfold which allows you to specify what a subroutine or function does within your own code to help Unfold explain it. 

This feature is built on the same code base as the transpiler feature and will hopefully continue to get better as versions progress.

Many people already know this, but for those who do not, I have formally accepted a position for a Master's Degree in Computer Science. Apart from PGDE, this is my first time returning to university in 7 years. It will also be my third university-level qualification as I already have a BSc with Honours and a PGDE in Secondary Computing. To me this is quite an achievement since 7 years ago I was concerned about my illness coming back and stopping me from finishing my Honours year.

This MSc is part-time and at the University of York - one of the universities I have always wanted to attend!

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