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Ultrabooks are amazing devices - combining high end mobile computing power with a slim design and decent battery life. The first ultrabook released was probably the MacBook Air, a moment I remember like it was yesterday. I've always really liked them and have always had an interest in them but never went out and got one.

In the last few years I've been following the development of one or two of them but one came to my attention - the Razer Blade Stealth. This ultra portable features two USB 3.0 ports and one USB-C port. The USB-C port also supports 40Gb/s over Thunderbolt allowing Razer to take advantage of the PCI-Express standard built into the laptop itself. As a result, Razer have developed the Razer Core, an external dock which features a full PCI-Express x16 slot in it. This allows you to insert a discrete desktop graphics card into the dock and use this as the laptops graphics processor. This is why this Ultrabook excited me so much.

Now the latest Razer Blade Stealth has arrived in the UK and is available to buy from their website.

The thing is I'm saving my money and until I decide to sell my MacBook Pro, if that ever happens, I cannot be buying this laptop. 

Posted by J B Balfour in Tech talk

My next major project is to develop a bulletin system. If you've ever used phpBB you'll know how great it is. I was a huge fan and used to run it on my own development sub-domain, DevNet. 

All that aside, phpBB is easy to manage and has the concept of integrity within the network security triangle. This means that users are assigned different roles and given different access rights. 

However, phpBB has a pretty big collection of files during installation and it didn't fit with the rest of my website. This is where my next project will come in.

BalfBulletin will be the next big project in my Web Neutral Project. Since my Web Neutral Project's core principal and aim is to develop web applications that fit in to any website, BalfBulletin will leaving styling to the website and the developer of the website. It will also focus on being very lightweight. As with all of my projects, particularly those in the Web Neutral Project, a lot of time will go into actually planning the application.

The main premise and indeed the motivation for the development of this is because I'm planning on developing a forum for my PhD project (more will come with time).

The other idea I came up with was integrating this into BalfBlog. For now however, it will be a separate project altogether.