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Jamie Balfour'sPersonal blog

The following is another simple to use BlackRabbit Script sample.

BlackRabbit Script
//Copyright JBALFOURDTP//28/10/2014
//BlackRabbit Script version:

function main()
    //main method goes here
    output("Hello world");

    $x = 11
    $y = 11

    if($x == $y)

    //Incrementing variables will not instantiate them. They must be instantiated prior to use.
    $i = 0
    while($i < 10)


Whilst not necessary, I do build a lot of customisation features into my website. One such feature is the Invert Colour feature that inverts the colour of the page and it's contents - using a black background and white text making it easier to read. All features are used throughout the browsing session of the site or you can choose to store them in a cookie on your computer so that every time you visit the site these features are enabled.

Now I'm adding another customisable feature to my site with Dark Mode. Dark Mode is a similar functionality to Invert Colour. The only difference is that it only affects the menu. Please take a look at this:

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