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Jamie Balfour'sPersonal blog

Jamie Balfour'sPersonal blog

Over the next few weeks to months I plan to bring many more features to DragonDocs. The new features mainly relate to deeper integration between DragonShows (the new name for my slideshow engine) and DragonDocs. 

The following a list of different features that I know for certain I can implement (I want to record them so I can look back at them myself as well):

  • Live documents linked to a slideshow - allowing sections to be disabled temporarily and enabled when needed
  • A new quiz system
  • Linked DragonShows with the following features:
    • A pace matcher - keep an eye on the time in lessons
    • A messaging system from the show to the document
  • Deeper AI integration

These features are designed from a teaching point of view to give the documents more potential. 

Over the last few weeks, I have been working tremendously hard on the DragonDocs Engine, updating it from version 2.0 to a modest bump up of 2.1. The new version allows image uploading and has worked really well over the last few days since I brought it in. But DragonDocs version 2.2 is already under development, with the DragonDocs AI Engine being the core feature of this iteration.

In fact, I trialled out the DragonDocs AI Engine today, and it works so well! This is still in the experimental stages and is being looked at in-depth for the next version.

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