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Jamie Balfour'sPersonal blog

Jamie Balfour'sPersonal blog

Over the next few weeks to months I plan to bring many more features to DragonDocs. The new features mainly relate to deeper integration between DragonShows (the new name for my slideshow engine) and DragonDocs. 

The following a list of different features that I know for certain I can implement (I want to record them so I can look back at them myself as well):

  • Live documents linked to a slideshow - allowing sections to be disabled temporarily and enabled when needed
  • A new quiz system
  • Linked DragonShows with the following features:
    • A pace matcher - keep an eye on the time in lessons
    • A messaging system from the show to the document
  • Deeper AI integration

These features are designed from a teaching point of view to give the documents more potential. 

ZPE 1.12.2 will be released later today with LAME X2. LAME X2 was conceptualised at the end of 2023 with a completely different thought process to how it ended up.

LAME X2 was initially planned to be lazy in evaluation, putting more strain on the compiler to perform some form of evaluation/optimisation on expressions rather than leaving it to runtime. This wasn't the best way to go about it. I devised a better way after sitting down with pen and paper this morning.

This new way of doing it leaves LAME as a runtime evaluator rather than what LAMP was that proceeded LAME. LAME X2 is now up to 4 times faster for larger sums. Check these figures for evaluating the sum '3 * (5 + 2) / 2 ^ 2' and displaying the result 100,000 times:

LAME: 14.37s user 2.62s system 114% cpu 14.775 total

LAME X2: 10.40s user 2.04s system 120% cpu 10.362 total

Counting on my Watch, I also got much lower figures with X2 compared with the original. 

The new version is experimental and will be bundled with ZPE. It can also be disabled, at least for now, using the property USE_OLD_LAME and setting it to true.

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