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Jamie Balfour'sArticles

Jamie Balfour'sArticles
The route to becoming vegan
30Jul2023 / Life
Over the last few months, I have begun a transition to becoming fully vegan. In this article, I discuss the what, why and the hurdles I had to overcome to get here.
The route to becoming vegan
Recovering from COVID
14Sep2021 / Life
I have now had COVID. But I'm now out on the other side and on the recovery side of it. I want to tell you just how savage this virus is.
Recovering from COVID
A look at my last decade
31Dec2019 / Life
A look at 2010 to 2019 in my life, from highs to lows. This article is more for personal reasons than for others to read, but some of my friends might find it interesting.
The most difficult decision I've ever made
03Oct2017 / Life
Life can be tough. Life after a serious illness can be even tougher. Stress has always been a major factor that I have had to deal with, so when I went out looking for a job I needed it to be a stressless as possible. I found a job I enjoyed and hoped it would be stress free. This was the most difficult decision I've ever made, and I've finally made up my mind.
Working life after cancer
30Aug2017 / Life
I've never really opened up about life after cancer, so here it goes.
Thoughts on my PhD
07Dec2016 / Life
I was accepted for my PhD in June of 2016 and at that point I was full of joy to be taking on something like this. You see, I'd always wanted to get a PhD and become Dr Balfour, only I didn't realise just how big a job it was. In this post I am going to explain why I've decided that this is not for me after all.
The day after...
07May2016 / Life
The day after my final day in university. Exciting but sad. I'm looking back at the wonderful time I've had at Heriot-Watt University!
The day after...
The route to becoming a vegetarian
01Feb2015 / Life
In September 2014 I became a pescatarian and now I'm on route to become a vegetarian. This article describes my experience of doing this.
The route to becoming a vegetarian
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