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A tribute to Sweep Balfour

A tribute to Sweep Balfour

This page is dedicated to our lovely rabbit, Sweep, who passed away on the 14.40 on 16th of October 2019. I started writing this article on the 16th of October just after she passed away.

Birth and joining our family

The wonderful little Petro passed away in early 2014 and it shook my world. It was one of the hardest things for me to accept in my entire life - days of crying and I was just very down.

We promised never to get another male black rabbit and we promised whatever we end up doing that any other pet would not replace Petro and would be a completely different rabbit.

In December of that year my brother chose another family rabbit and she was delivered from Dofos in Edinburgh on the 24th of December 2014. We quickly named her Sweep after Suity and Sweep.

Sweep was initally very unfriendly and didn't fit into the same lifestyle that Petro accepted almost straight away. Sweep would bite you if you tried to go near her, she would rattle her cage constantly and would sit in the corner when you let her out.

Sweep had an indoor hutch originally. She lived in our living room with all of us and the lid was left off a large percentage of the time.