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Charlie Balfour

Charlie Balfour

After we lost poor little Sweep on the 16th of October 2019, we experienced a short period where we had no pets after having no cat for the first time (since Gismo had always been there). As a result, I was interested in getting a rabbit for myself since I knew that soon I would also be moving out.

As a result, I went to visit Pets At Home where I came across a bunch of utterly adorable rabbits. One of these rabbits was sitting quietly while the other two were playing together. Because this little rabbit, who eventually got the name Charlie, was sitting on her own, I thought it might be nicer (and she was very pretty too) to take this one instead of either of the other two. And what a good choice she was.

It didn't take Charlie long to settle into my parents' house and when she got home she was busy exploring.

Joining our family

At first, Charlie was a little hesitant to accept those around her as her new family, but slowly but surely she warmed up more and more towards me.