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Spellcraft spell tool

Thanks for all the spells go to this ki-ren at the website found here.

What makes my converter so different is the fact that it will ignore the order of the input, so FWW is the same as WFW or WWF. This saves a lot of time when you do a manual search. I anticipate adding a more graphical interface to the program at some point in the future.

This runs on your local system, powered by JavaScript, so running this will not require you to remain connected to my website.

Spellcraft Spell tool

All you need to do is select the mode you are playing on (e.g. Strife Mode) and then type in the character of the element you wish to check (list at the bottom). E.g. FWW will give Water Elemental.

When the 'Get combination' checkbox is checked, you can type in the name of a spell that you know is within Spellcraft and the system can retrieve the combination needed to create the spell.

Character Element Item
D Dark Shadow Rock
E Earth Shimmerweed
F Fire Pheonix Heart
L Light Rune of Light
S Storm Thunder Lizard Egg
W Water Water Stone
Y Energy Disk of Energy
C Chaos Glyph of Chaos

Strife mode choices

The following is a list of my favourite spells for Strife mode (in this order):

  • Rain of Fire (FFW)
  • Frost Bolt (WWY)
  • Rejuvenation (LLE)
  • Brilliance Aura (WWE)
  • Divine Shield (LLS)
  • Chain Lightning (SSS)
  • Inferno (DDC)

Spell list

Heroes of Dalaran

A personal project I took on called Heroes of Dalaran was inspired by Spellcraft. It is a map for Warcraft III which uses a similar spell-generation technique and has many of my favourite modes from Spellcraft. It's aim is to modularise Spellcraft and make it completely open to others. Two days of work got an absolute ton of stuff done - Gladiator mode and the spell system were both finished within 10 hours of work but it needs more support. If you want to help, leave me a message. You can read more about Heroes of Dalaran here.

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